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Steps on the Road to Glory

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Learning how abiding in Christ brings glory to the Father.

Text: John 15:7-8
Date: 08/04/2019, the Traditional service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 143

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Now that Jesus has fully told His allegory of the Vine and the Branches, He begins to expand upon its meaning. We have all ready learned that the central focus of the allegory is for the disciples to abide in Him in a close systemic relationship. But how exactly do we "abide" in Jesus? In our text for this lesson He reveals positive steps to "abiding" that spill over into sanctified steps that ultimately guide us to glorify the Father. We will carefully examine each of these steps (particularly concerning His Words) as we set out on this epic Christian journey-- moving ahead step by step on the road to glory.

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I. Introduction, John 1:51, 14:3,6.
II. Exposition of the text, John 15:7-8.
A. Context
B. The first step to glory: abiding in Christ, vs. 7.
1. The vital first step: the systemic relationship.
a. The indwelling of the Spirit of God, John 15:4.
i. You must be born again, John 15:16, Col. 1:18, John 3;6-7.
ii. Seeking the Father, Jer. 29:13, Matt. 7:7, John 14:23.
b. Faith, love and a desire to do His will, John 14:15.
c. Verifying the first step to "abiding".
2. The second step: the Word of God.
a. Defining Jesus' "words", Matt. 5:17.
b. The "abiding" Word.
i. The significance of the Word, John 1:1, 14.
ii. Assimilating the Word, John 6:35, 7:37-38.
iii. Loving the Word.
• Problems if you do not love the Word.
• Problems if you do love the Word but don't read it.
c. Planting the Word: A variation on the Parable of the Sower.
i. The Parable basics.
ii. The Word on the path, Matt. 13:9.
iii. The Word in the rocky soil, Matt. 13:20.
iv. The Word in a bed of thorns, Matt. 13:22, 6:24.
v. The Word in fertile soil, Matt. 13:23, 1Pet. 1:15.
vi. Preparing your soil.
3. The third step: abiding in prayer, John 14:11, Luke 6:12.
a. The importance of prayer in a systemic relationship.
b. Prayer in the name of Christ, John 14:12-13.
c. The power of prayer, John 15:4.
C. Steps to glorifying the Father, vs. 8.
1. Two additional steps.
a. Bearing much fruit.
b. Proof of discipleship, John 13:35.
i. The meaning of "prove".
ii. Growing into discipleship, 1Pet. 2:2.
2: The ultimate goal: the glory of the Father.
a. God's intrinsic glory.
b. Ascribed glory.
III. Conclusion

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