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Selective Ignorance

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Exploring the dangers of voluntary blindness.

Text: Matt. 27:6-10
Date: 04/15/2022, the Good Friday service.
Series: "Good Friday" Part 13
Occasion: Good Friday

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As we continue our yearly Good Friday series, we will back up a bit this year to finish the story of Judas' return of the thirty pieces of silver he received as blood money for the betrayal of Jesus. This year we will focus on the priests and how they responded to Judas' remorse and what they did with the money. We will read in awe two of the Old Testament passages Matthew quotes and their stunning fulfillment, both at the time of the betrayal, and when Jerusalem was destroyed in 70AD. However, we will see the passage as a warning of voluntary blindness. Given the overwhelming prophetic and historic evidence for the truth of Scripture, to voluntarily choose to ignore it, both then and now, is irrational behavior. Ultimately we will see that the Gospel is the only shining hope of avoiding the harsh and eternal judgment that selective ignorance virtually insures.

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