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The Lord of Glory and Peter's Feet

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Knowing how to respond when Jesus offers to wash your feet!

Text: John 13:4-9
Date: 01/27/2019, the Traditional service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 121

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One of the most extraordinary acts of humility in the annals of human history was the foot-washing Jesus gave His disciples on the night of the Passover meal-- topped only by His humiliation on the Cross. We will re-create the event in graphic detail and discuss the significance of this almost inexplicable act of condescension. But then our focus will turn to Peter who first questions the Lord's intentions, later refuses to allow Him to continue, and finally reverses his position and asks for a full bath. We will closely analyze Peter's words and actions and find errors in his thinking that still persist today. Even though he seemed to reverence Jesus as the Lion of Judah, he still did not understand Him as the Lamb of God. Ultimately we will see this as yet another profound metaphor of both salvation and sanctification, and understand why it is absolutely necessary that the Lord of Glory washes not only Peter's feet-- but ours as well!

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, John 13:4-9.
A. Context, John 13:1.
B. Visualizing the event in graphic detail, vs. 4-5.
1. Visualizing the scene, vs. 4-5a.
a. Visualizing the upper room, Mark 14:15.
i. Tracing the events of the day.
ii. The layout of the table.
iii. The mood of the disciples, Luke 22:24.
iv. The most menial task, John 1:27.
b. Visualizing Jesus' preparations.
i. The appearance of a servant, Phil. 2:7, John 1:3.
ii. Clothed in humility, 1Pet. 5:5.
iii. Water that heals.
c. Burning the image to memory.
2. Visualizing the actual washing, vs. 5b.
a. Taking a "pause" of the heart.
b. The mechanics of self-abasement.
3. Trying to process the image.
a. An act of condescension, Phil. 2:5-7.
b. An act of humility, Phil. 2:8.
c. An act of love.
d. An act of exaltation.
C. The discussion with Peter, vs. 6-9.
1. Peter's initial objection, vs. 6.
a. Taking a closer look at Peter's language.
i. A reverent address, John 9:2.
ii. An unacceptable condescension.
b. Another graphic image, Matt. 16:16.
2. "Just roll with it!", vs. 7.
3. Peter's obstinant refusal, vs. 8a, Matt. 16:21-23.
4. The condition and the consequence, vs. 8b.
a. The condition.
b. The consequence, 1Cor. 12:27, Rom. 8:1, John 3:7.
c. A common but potentially devastating error.
i. Deference and defiance.
ii. The Lion and the Lamb.
5. Peter's terms, vs. 9.
a. Clueless exuberance.
b. A conflict of extremes.
c. Dictating His own terms, Matt. 17:4.
III. Application
A. The salvation of the Lamb, Ezek. 36:25
B. The greatness of the Lion.
IV. Conclusion

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