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Beholding the Radiance of God's Glory

by Rev. Kirby Williams

A Palm Sunday meditation on how Jesus has revealed the glory of the Father.

Text: John 14:7
Date: 04/14/2019, the Traditional service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 131
Occasion: Palm Sunday

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In this Palm Sunday meditation we will consider a single verse from John, in which Jesus chides His disciples that if they had really known Him in all His fullness, they would have clearly seen the Father. With the Triumphal Entry as our landing point, we will consider some of the ways Jesus has revealed the Father through His life and ministry. We will not only be amazed at how clearly Jesus has revealed the Father, but even more so at the beauty of the Father He reveals! Ultimately we will celebrate both Father and Son as we behold our God through the Radiance of His Glory!

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I. Introduction
A. The historical event, John 12:12-19.
B. The coming of the King of Israel, Zech. 9:9, Isa. 44:6, Zeph. 3:15, Heb. 1:1-3.
II. Exposition of the text, John 14:7.
A. Context
B. Jesus as the radiance of God's glory.
1. Knowing the "unknowable", vs. 7a.
a. Making the connection, John 10:30, 14:9.
b. The imprint of His nature.
c. The invisible and incomprehensible God, Job 9:11, John 5:37, Col. 1:15, Ex. 33:20, John 6:46, 1:18.
2. Knowing the Father through the Son.
a. God wants to be known by you, John 1:14.
b. God wants an intimate relationship with you, John 3:16-17.
i. God wants to have a love relationship with you, John 3:16.
ii. God wants to rescue you, John 3:17-18.
c. God wants to fill you with His Living Water, John 4:14, 7:37-38, Jer. 2:13.
d. God wants to be IN you and ALL of you, John 6:32,33,35,54.
e. God wants you to walk in His Light, John 8:12, 1Tim. 6:16, 1John 1:5.
f. God wants to be your Shepherd, Psa. 23:1.
i. The Father calls you to come to Him, John 10:27, 6:44.
ii. God desires to transform you, John 10:7,9.
iii. God desires to sustain you, John 10:28-29.
g. God has provided a way home, John 14:6.
i. God wants to be found, John 14:4.
ii. God wants you to know the Truth, John 8:32,34.
iii. God wants you to have life!
h. God wants you to be proud of your family tree, John 15:1, Isa. 5:1.
i. A revealing heritage.
ii. Revealing the attention of the Father to His tree, Isa. 5:1.
i. God will go to great lengths to save you, Matt. 18:4, 20:26,27.
j. God is even willing to "become sin" for you, John 3:14-15, Gen. 3:15.
k. God is your Giver of Life.
i. Death is conquered, John 11:11, 5:21, 24.
ii. Life is assured, John 11:25-26, Rom. 8:11.
3. Now you have seen Him.
III. Conclusion

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