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Bible Studies Library

Welcome to our Bible Study library. Below is a list of the various Bible studies we have either written or are working on (some are a work in progress).

To view any of the Bible studies, just click on the name of the study and you will navigate to a page where the different lessons are spotlighted.

  • Building Pillars

    This is an introductory study to "The Cornerstone", which is our Wednesday night church-wide fellowship and worship service. The focus is to introduce the concept of building pillars on the firm foundation of the apostles and prophets, with Christ as the cornerstone. It is the model of discipleship we follow.

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  • The Acts of the Apostles

    A comprehensive exegetical study of the book of Acts. In this study we pay particular attention to the mission and purpose of the church as it was defined in the first century, and the missionary outreach of the church as it should be implemented by the church in all ages.

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  • The Epistle of James

    A comprehensive exegetical study of the book of James.

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  • The Letter to the Galatians

    A comprehensive exegetical study of Paul's letter to the Galatians

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