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We believe music is one of the great gifts the Lord has given His church-- to worship Him, to glorify Him, to exalt Him, and to express the deepest spiritual emotions of our souls.  Music allows us to communicate our love for Christ in a way that spoken language simply cannot accomplish.  Therefore, music is very important at New Hope Community Church.

Music in Worship

We understand that different people have different preferences in musical style.  That is why we have two distinct worship services and do not try to "blend" them.  Some people simply love the great hymns of the faith and enjoy the more traditional approach to music in worship.  They thrill to the words of the hymns and enjoy the accompaniment of the organ.  Others love more recently written music in a contemporary style. They enjoy the sound of the guitar, the electric keyboard, and the beat of the drum.  We do not feel Scripture designates the style of music we praise God with-- only that it should be selflessly-reverent, worship-inspiring, Christ-centered, God-honoring, and prepare our hearts to receive the Word.  It should be entirely directed towards worship and not towards performance or entertainment.

You will therefore find all of our worship music focused on heaven rather than on earth.  We would rather our congregation participate in this deep spiritual expression than to be entertained by a musical performance.

Special musical performances.

This does not mean that special musical performances do not have their place and are not God-honoring!  For this reason we have regular musical performances, "songfests" and concerts throughout the year.  We hope you will enjoy and take advantage of the wonderful talent God has blessed our church with.

Christmas Cantatas

Fifth-Sunday Songfests