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A Tale of Four "Marys"

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Tracing God's plan of redemption through four "marginalized Marys".

Text: John 20:11-18
Date: 04/21/2019, the Traditional service.
Occasion: Easter Sunday

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In this Easter Sunday morning message we will trace God's plan of redemption through four strategically placed "Marys" in history. Starting with Miriam and the Exodus, we will establish the connection with the Passover and God's epic work of deliverance. Then fast-forwarding 1450 years we will consider Mary, the mother of Jesus and the reason for the glory of the Incarnation. Then on to Mary the sister of Lazarus with her bottle of nard, which she used to anoint Christ for His Crucifixion. And finally, our quest will culminate with Mary Magdalene and the Resurrection she witnessed on the first Easter. Throughout it all we will celebrate how God uses the marginalized to accomplish His will and ultimately just revel in the glory of the Resurrection and all it means for those who believe.

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I. Introduction
A. Tracing the history of redemption.
B. The acceptance of miracles.
II. Exposition of the texts, Ex 15:20-21, Luke 1:26-37, John 12:1-8, John 20:1-2,11-18.
A. The "Mary" of the Passover, Ex 15:20-21.
1. At the Passover, Ex. 12:29.
2. At the Red Sea, Ex. 15:20-21.
3. The significance to Redemption, John 8:34.
B. The "Mary" of the Incarnation, Luke 1:26-37.
1. When God entered space and time, John 1:46, Luke 1:31-33.
2. The significance to Redemption.
a. God in the flesh, Matt. 1:21,23, John 1:1,14.
b. Born to die, Matt. 20:28.
C. The "Mary" of the Crucifixion, John 12:1-8.
1. A tender heart.
2. The gift of adoration, Matt. 26:10,12.
3. Focus on the Crucifixion.
4. Living up to their names.
D. The "Mary" of the Resurrection, John 20:1-2,11-18.
1. The most "marginalized" Mary, Luke 8:1,2.
2. First witness of the Resurrection, Matt. 27:55,61.
3. The importance of the Resurrection.
a. Tracing the road to the Cross.
i. The need for the Lamb, John 3:16.
ii. The advent of the Lamb.
iii. The sacrifice of the Lamb.
b. The necessity of the Resurrection, Luke 9:22.
4. What the Resurrection proves.
a. The Resurrection proves God's involvement.
b. The Resurrection proves Jesus.
i. That He was who He said He was.
ii. That He did what He said He would do.
c. The Resurrection proves God accepted His sacrifice.
5. The significance to you of the marginalized Mary, 1Cor. 27-29.
III. Conclusion

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