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When the Tables Are Turned

by Rev. Kirby Williams

The tragic irony of Jesus' early-morning trial with the Sanhedrin.

Text: Luke 22:66-71
Date: 04/19/2019, the Good Friday service.
Occasion: Good Friday

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I. Introduction, 2Cor. 5:10.
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 22:66-71, Matt. 27:1, Mark 15:1.
A. Context
1. Recalling earlier events.
2. Recalling the first trial.
B. The irony of the early morning trial.
1. Setting the scene, vs. 66.
a. Establishing the time.
b. Noticing the urgency.
c. Gathering the accusers.
d. Determining the location.
e. The reason for the early morning trial, 27:1.
2. An abbreviated examination, vs. 67-68.
a. A "loaded" question, Matt. 26:63.
b. A devastating answer.
i. Resigned to unbelief.
ii. Resigned to blindness, Matt. 22:17,20, Luke 20:2,4.
3. The willing confession, vs 69-71.
a. The expression of Messianic reality, vs. 69.
i. An image of Messianic power, Dan. 7:13-14.
ii. A "not-so-veiled" threat, Psa. 110:1-2.
iii. The difference in perception and reality.
b. The Sanhedrin's reaction, vs. 70a, Matt. 26:65.
c. Jesus convicts Himself-- again, vs. 70b.
d. the Sanhedrin gets their man, vs. 71.
e. A speedy trial, John 3:19-20.
III. Application, John 12:37-41, Matt. 25:31-34.

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