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The "Not-So-Marginalized" Marys

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Revisiting the four Marys to celebrate God's sanctifying work.

Text: Mark 16:9
Date: 04/21/2019, the Evening service.
Occasion: Easter

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In this Easter Sunday Evening meditation, we will return to the theme of the morning message-- the strategically placed women God used in powerful ways to bring about His plan of Redemption. What makes these four women unusual is that they all just happened to be named "Mary". In the morning message, we spoke mainly of their marginalized status in society and how God used them regardless to help bring about His mighty redemption. This evening's focus will be the vast difference between the value system of the world and the value system of the Kingdom. Women who were the epitome of what it means to be marginalized in our culture are heroines in the Kingdom of Heaven. The difference in every instance is God. We will celebrate how Jesus makes us new creations in Him and uses the least likely among us as "not-so-marginalized" workers in His Providential plan.

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I. Introduction
A. Explanation
B. Context
II. Exposition of the Text, Ex 15:20-21, Luke 1:46-55, Matt. 26:10-13, Mark 16:9.
A. Mary the Lord's prophetess, Ex 15:20-21.
1. Preserving Moses as a baby.
2. Coming into her own at the Exodus, Ex. 15:20-21.
3. Far from marginalized, Mic. 6:4.
4. All glory to God.
B. Mary the Messiah's mother.
1. Chosen by God, Luke 1:28-31, 46-55.
2. A faithful follower, Acts 1:14.
3. A host of heresies, Mark 6:3.
4. All glory to God.
C. Mary the fragrance of the Gospel, Matt. 26:10-13.
1. The least marginalized of the Marys, Luke 10:39.
2. But degraded and belittled, Luke 10:40, Mark 14:4, John 12:4-5.
3. Distinguished by her love for Jesus.
4. The fragrance of the Gospel, Matt. 26:13.
5. All glory to God.
D. Mary the first witness to the Resurrection, Mark 16:9.
1. Marginalized in the eyes of the world, Mark 16:9, Luke 8:2.
2. Great in the Kingdom of Heaven.
a. Qualifying Mary as the first witness, John 20:1, Matt. 28:1, Mark 16:1-2, Luke 24:1-2.
b. A faithful and courageous disciple, Matt. 27:61.
i. Prominently named in all four Gospels.
ii. Last at the tomb, first at the Resurrection Matt. 27:61.
iii. Healed by Jesus.
3. For the glory of God, 1Cor. 27-29.
III. Conclusion, 2Cor. 5:17.

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