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Between Prophets and Angels

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Learning to cherish our salvation while living in the best of times!

Text: 1Pet. 1:10-12
Date: 05/05/2019, the Evening service.
Series: "Peter's Epistles: The Sojourners Handbook" Part 4

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In our text for this study, Peter brings his opening discussion of salvation to a close by reminding his readers they live in the best of times! He first takes us back to the prophets of old, to show how the Holy Spirit led them to prophesy concerning the Christ. But even though much was revealed to them about the Messiah, for the most part they were left wondering, searching and inquiring about the person, the time and the circumstances of His coming. Peter then switches our attention to the angels of heaven, who have the same "holy fascination" in the details of human salvation and sanctification. Peter's purpose is clear and will hopefully resonate with us, as he teaches his readers to cherish their salvation. The very fact we live in the Gospel Age, when the details of redemption are clearly revealed, is to live in the best of times-- between the prophets and the angels!

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, 1Pet. 1:10-12.
A. Recalling the blessed salvation, 1Pet. 1:2.
B. The Prophets, vs. 10-12a.
1. Searching and inquiring, vs. 10.
a. Prophets who "knew but didn't know", Luke 24:27, 10:24, Dan. 12:8.
b. Searching and inquiring.
i. Searching
• Searching with God, Heb. 11:6, Isa. 6:11, Dan. 7:19.
• Searching the Scriptures, Psa. 119:45, 94.
ii. Inquiring, Luke 15:8.
2. Seeking to know the person or time, vs. 11a.
a. The time, Dan. 9:24, 10:2.
b. The circumstances, Mic. 5:2, Isa. 7:14, Dan. 2:44-45.
c. The person, Psa. 110:1, 118:22, Isa. 53:2-3, Zech. 9:9.
3. The Spirit of Christ, vs. 11b, Rom. 8:9, Acts. 16:7, Phil. 1:9.
4. Predicting sufferings and glories, vs. 11c.
a. A note on translation.
b. The sufferings of Christ, Psa. 22:7, Isa. 53:4-5.
c. The return to glory, Psa. 24:7-8, Isa. 60:1, Dan. 7:14, John 12:27-28.
5. The Gospel in the Prophets, vs. 12a.
a. Servants of the Gospel.
i. The Spirit "reveals".
ii. The prophets "serve", Matt. 23:11.
iii. A back-handed answer, Dan. 12:9, Heb. 11:39-40.
b. Missionaries of the Gospel.
i. Defining "things".
ii. Fast-forwarding to the present.
iii. Anonymous missionaries.
c. The work of the Holy Spirit, 2Pet. 1:21.
5. Standing on the prophets, Acts 3:24.
C. The angels, vs. 12b.
1. Fascinated by redemption, Luke 2:13-14, 15:10, Matt. 24:31, Rev. 5:11-12.
2. What the angels know about redemption.
a. The same "things".
b. The long look.
i. Defining "long", Matt. 13:17, Luke 22:15.
ii. Defining "look".
c. Fascinated but clueless, Eph. 3:10.
d. Servants to the saints, Heb. 1:14.
III. Application
IV. Conclusion

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