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If You Love Me...

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Exploring what necessarily happens when the Spirit of Christ redeems an idolatrous soul.

Text: John 14:15
Date: 05/12/2019, the Traditional service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 134
Occasion: Mother's Day

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In this one simple statement, Jesus establishes the heart of both salvation and sanctification-- of what it means to be saved, and what it means to be a disciple. We will carefully examine each word of the verse, focusing on the richness of the words: "love", "keep" and "commandments". We will also study the construction of the sentence, and the strict interpretation it establishes. We will compare the meaning of these words to the Old Testament story of the Ark of the Covenant in the temple of Dagon, as an illustration of what happens when the Spirit of God enters the idolatrous temples of our hearts. In other words, we will delve deeply and personally into what Jesus says will necessarily happen, "If you love Me..."!

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I. Introduction, Ex. 20:3.
II. Exposition of the text, John 14:15.
A. Context
B. How do I love thee?
1. Word study, vs. 15.
a. Starting with "belief".
i. Belief in Jesus' words, John 14:11a.
ii. Belief in Jesus' works, John 14:11b.
iii. Belief in the person of Jesus, John 14:12.
b. A preponderance of "ifs".
i. To give instruction, John 13:14, 17, 35, 14:7.
ii. To firmly establish what will be, John 13:32, 14:2,3,14.
iii. The greater "if".
c. A very personal "you".
d. Jesus, our objective.
e. An all-encompassing "love".
i. "Love" is not grounded in the emotions.
ii. This is not just "brotherly love".
iii. Love is grounded in obedience to God, John 14:21,23, 15:14, 1John 5:3.
iv. The gift of love, John 6:44, Rom. 1:30, John 3:20.
f. "Keeping" the precepts of Christ.
i. To accept the commandment by faith, John 14:11.
ii. To obey the commandment without question.
• The straight-forward meaning.
• Vacillating between light and dark, Gen. 8:21, John 3:19.
• Rationalizing obedience.
iii. To cherish and guard the commandment, Matt. 7:1.
g. The "commandments" or precepts.
i. Out of the realm of the impersonal, John 11:57.
ii. A command from the Father to Jesus, John 12:49.
iii. A command from Jesus to the disciples, John 13:34.
iv. Copying Christ.
v. Counting the ways.
2. Putting it all together.
a. Exploring the grammar.
i. A simple "if-then" construction.
ii. Seeking clarity, 1John 2:4.
iii. The core issue.
III. Application
A. Deeds alone are not enough, Rom. 1:21-22.
B. Emotional love alone is not enough.
C. True love is manifest in obedience, Ex. 20:3.
IV. Conclusion

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