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The Gospel Strategy

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Jesus unveils the battle plan of the Kingdom at His Ascension.

Text: Acts 1:6-8
Date: 05/19/2019, the Traditional service.
Occasion: Missions Conference

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In one of the most dramatic scenes in Scripture, Jesus stands on top of the Mount of Olives surrounded by His closest disciples. The time has come for Him to return to His Father and the glory He knew before the foundations of the world. Like a great general leaving to direct an offensive from his command post, Jesus maps out the battle plan for the Kingdom of Heaven's conquest of the world. After firmly establishing the proper Perspective, Jesus reveals to His disciples the Person, the Power and the Program that will effectively win the battle and spread the light of the Gospel to the four corners of the earth. On this Mission-emphasis Sunday we will analyze this commission and accept it as our own. And then spend time comparing our own mission outreach to the instructions Christ has left us, as we evaluate our own efforts to fulfill His Gospel Strategy.

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, Acts 1:6-8.
A. Context
B. Revealing the Gospel Strategy.
1. The times and seasons, vs. 6-7.
a. The disciples' misguided question, vs. 6.
i. Amazing short-sightedness.
ii. A panoply of errors.
iii. Vital lessons.
b. Jesus' poignant answer, vs. 7.
i. An instructive response, John 14:9.
ii. Yielding to the sovereignty of God.
iii. An eschatological response, Dan. 2:20-22.
iv. A response with a purpose.
• Encouragement
• Perspective
• Task, Matt. 24:14.
2. Revealing the "battle plan", vs. 8.
a. Revealing the Power.
b. Revealing the task.
c. Revealing the strategy.
i. In Jerusalem.
ii. In Judea.
iii. In Samaria.
iv. The end of the earth.
C. Analyzing the Gospel strategy.
1. The Perspective.
2. The Person.
3. The Power.
4. The Program.
III. Application
A. Keeping our perspective.
B. Monitoring our progress.
1. The ends of the earth.
a. Supporting traditional foreign missions.
b. Sending missionaries.
c. Team mission trips.
d. Foreign mission ministries.
2. In Samaria.
3. In Judea.
4. In Jerusalem.
IV. Conclusion

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