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The Gifts of Salvation

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Celebrating three glorious gifts that necessarily accompany salvation.

Text: John 14:16-17
Date: 05/26/2019, the Traditional service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 135

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After teaching His followers that willing obedience to His commandments is the necessary result of true love and discipleship, Jesus completes His thought by promising the Divine Helper who will come to take His place when He goes to be with the Father. We will discuss the nature and mission of the "Paraclete", and notice who can receive Him and who cannot. We will then establish from the text that His presence is also a necessary result of true love for Jesus-- and therefore salvation. We will learn that all three of these (true love for Jesus, the ability to obey Him, and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit) are gifts God gives those He calls to Himself. After considering the glorious but sobering prospect of the Spirit of Truth taking up residence in our redeemed souls, we will ponder the question: "Is it possible to receive the greatest gifts mankind can receive, and disguise them so well they cannot be detected?" Ultimately we will recognize the need for all true disciples to cherish, celebrate, and brilliantly radiate-- the gifts of salvation.

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, John 14:16-17.
A. Context, John 14:11.
B. The gifts of love and obedience, vs. 15.
1. The gift of love, Eph. 5:10.
2. The gift of obedience, Deut. 7:9, Psa. 112:1.
a.  Defining "keep".
b. Defining "commandments".
3. The necessary connection.
C . The gift of the Spirit of Truth, vs. 16-17.
1. Introducing the Paraclete, vs. 16.
a. Previous references, John 1:32, 3:6, 6:63, 7:39.
b. A confident request, John 14:13-14.
c. The promise of the Paraclete.
i. The gift of the Paraclete, John 3:16.
ii. Defining the Paraclete.
• A word that defies translation.
• Rounding out the definition.
iii. "Another" Paraclete.
• The same.
• Yet different.
iv. A permanent Paraclete.
d. Summation, 1John 2:1.
2. Knowing the Spirit of Truth, vs. 17.
a. The Paraclete identified.
i. The Person of truth.
ii. Revealing the truth about Jesus, John 14:6.
iii. The Spirit of God, John 4:24.
b. A mystery to the "world".
i. Defining "the world", John 8:43-45, 1Cor. 2:14.
ii. Blind to the Spirit.
• The illustration at Pentecost, Acts. 2:2-4, 12-13.
• The modern-day illustration.
iii. Dead to the Spirit.
c. The indwelling of the Spirit.
3. Interpretation
a. A look at the grammar.
b. The necessary indwelling.
III. Application
A. A sobering mirror for "nominal believers".
B. A glorious truth for true disciples.
1. The gift of love.
2. The gift of obedience.
3. The gift of God.
C. Wear your gifts for the world to see.
IV. Conclusion

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