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Alive In Christ

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Discovering what it means to be "in" Christ and have Christ in us.

Text: John 14:18-20
Date: 06/02/2019, the Contemporary service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 136

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Jesus continues to comfort His disciples by assuring them that even though He will be with them "yet a little while", He will not abandon or forsake them but will come to them again. Then, after drawing a sharp distinction between their relationship with God and that of the world-- Jesus not only assures them they will have renewed life in Him, but that the relationship between them will reflect the inexpressibly close bond that He has with the Father. We will try to describe the indescribable as we delve deeply into what it means to be "in" Christ and to have Christ in us. We will then ask ourselves, "why", considering this marvelous truth, we sometimes act as if Jesus had indeed abandoned us-- and thereby realize the devastating impact our flesh has on this bond. Ultimately we will simply celebrate the glorious relationship true believers share with the Triune God and what it means to be alive in Christ.

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I. Introduction, 2Sam. 5:7.
II. Exposition of the text, John 14:18-20.
A. Context, John 14:9,10.
B. The perpetual presence of Christ.
1. The promise to return, vs. 18.
a. You are not forsaken, John 13:33.
i. The eschatological "you".
ii. The emphatic "leave".
iii The abandoned orphan.
b. Christ promises to come again.
i. At the Resurrection, John 20:19,26.
ii. At the Second Coming, Matt. 24:27.
iii. The coming of the Spirit at Pentecost.
c. The comforting message, Matt. 28:20.
2. Living in and through Christ, vs. 19.
a. A fast-approaching departure.
b. Hidden from the world, John 14:17, Luke 19:44.
c. Manifest to the church.
i. After the Resurrection.
ii. After Pentecost.
iii. At the Parousia.
d. Living for a Living Lord.
i. Because Jesus lives.
• Alive in the flesh.
• Alive in the Spirit.
ii. Those who believe in Him will live.
• The assurance of our own resurrection, 1Cor. 15:20, 52.
• The assurance of the Spirit, John 6:57.
3. The amazing bond, vs. 20.
a. The coming age.
i. The Incarnation.
ii. The Crucifixion/Resurrection.
iii. The Ascension/Coronation.
iv. The coming of the Spirit at Pentecost.
b. An extraordinary revelation.
i. The truth about the Trinity.
ii. A model relationship.
c. An indescribable bond.
i. To be "in Christ".
• A part of His spiritual body, John 15:5, 1Cor. 12:27, Rom. 6:11.
• More than just a member.
ii. To have Christ in us, John 6:35.
d. Both transcendent and immanent.
e. Trying to describe the indescribable, Psa. 139:6.
f. A sharp distinction, 1Pet. 14-15.
III. Application
A. A church that looks forsaken.
B. The flesh must go! John 14:15.
IV. Conclusion

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