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Manifest Divinity

by Rev. Kirby Williams

When the Triune God conquers the tameless soul.

Text: John 14:21-24
Date: 06/09/2019, the Traditional service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 137

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As Jesus continues to prepare His disciples for His imminent departure, He re-emphasizes the importance of obedience to His commandments for those who truly love Him. He repeats the principle in our text no less than three times to make sure His point is made! One of the blessings resulting from this obedient love is that Jesus will manifest Himself to His disciples and both He and the Father will make their abode with them. We will explore the awesome implications of what happens when the Triune God invades a soul, conquers it and makes His residence in it. Inevitably, that soul becomes the exclusive property of the Almighty, a place set aside for His own personal use-- and witness to His Manifest Divinity.

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, John 14:21-24.
A. Context
B. Love, Obedience, and Manifest Divinity.
1. The manifestation of the Son, vs. 21.
a. The repeated call to obedient love, John 14:15.
i. The context.
ii. The form of the sentence.
iii. A few points of grammar.
• The emphatic "he".
• The ongoing "love".
iv. The heart of discipleship.
• To "have".
• To "keep".
• "Commandments"
b. The blessings of obedient love.
i. Predicated on regeneration, John 3:3, 1John, 4:19, John 6:70, 15:16, 6:37, 10:29.
ii. Loved by the Father, Eph. 1:4-5.
iii. Loved by the Son, John 10:17, 14:31, 15:9.
iv. Manifesting the Son.
• Defining "manifest".
• Revealing the mysteries of the Kingdom, John 5:20.
2. A manifest confusion, vs. 22.
a. A little-known disciple.
b. Yet another misguided question, John 14:5, 8, 4:11.
c. The nature of the confusion, John 14:19.
i. The reason for the confusion.
ii. Evidence of the confusion, Acts. 1:6.
iii. The source of the confusion, 1Pet. 1:14.
3. The manifestation of the Triune God, vs. 23, John 14:6, 9.
a. Another repetition.
i. A more universal "you".
ii. Keeping the "Word".
b. The extended (and glorious) "and" clause, John 14:16.
c. The glorious indwelling.
i. The love of the Father.
ii. The spiritual "coming".
iii. A glorious abode.
iv. A glorious truth, Acts 1:8.
4. Verifying the Word of God, vs. 24.
a. A universal exclusion.
b. The words of God, John 12:49.
III. Application
A. Celebrating an exalted salvation, 1Pet. 3-4.
B. God calls us to holiness, 1Pet. 1:15-16, 1Cor. 6:19-20.
C. The impact of "Manifest Divinity", 1Pet. 2:9.
IV. Conclusion

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