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Blueprint For Divine Revelation

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Jesus reveals the Divine Methodology of revelation.

Text: John 14:25-26
Date: 06/16/2019, the Traditional service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 138

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Every good builder knows that in order to build a structure of any size, they need a blueprint, a set of plans to detail how construction should be accomplished. Christ, as the Master Builder of His church of "living stones" also realized that the continued revelation of God's Word after He left to return to His Father must be done according to a Divine Methodology. By sending the Paraclete to be the Teacher and Illuminator of the Word of God, Jesus insured the moral and doctrinal integrity of His church. In this message we will first establish what that methodology is and then discuss how devastating it is to the church when it is altered or ignored. If we as a church intend to help build the Kingdom the way Jesus intended it, to reflect His world instead of ours-- we must be ever-conscious to zealously stick to His Blueprint of Divine Revelation.

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, John 14:25-26.
A. Context, John 14:9,11,23.
B. The need for illumination, vs. 25.
1. The "things" that need illumination, John 14:23.
2. The "ones" who need illumination.
a. The disciples in the Upper Room.
b. The disciples in the "church age".
i. We need teaching.
ii. The dilemma of preaching.
iii. The Divine Helper.
3. Seeking the Light while it can be found, Isa. 55:6, John 12:36, 14:19.
C. The Divine Teacher, vs. 26.
1. The Person of the Spirit.
a. The solution to the dilemma.
b. Revisiting "the Helper".
i. Reviewing the first "Paraclete Passage", John 14:16-17.
ii. Remembering the meaning of Paraclete.
c. The Spirit who is altogether "Holy".
i. What we all ready know about the Spirit.
• The Spirit is a Person.
• The Spirit of both Father and Son.
• The Spirit of Truth, John 14:6.
iii. A unique reference.
iii. The idea of "the Holy", Lev. 19:2, 1Pet. 1:16.
• Moral "goodness" and purity, 1John 1:5.
• Altogether different.
• The ethical standard.
• The One who "makes holy", Lev. 20:26.
d. Sent by the Father, John 14:24, 15:26.
e. In the name of the Son.
2. The work of the Spirit.
a. What the Spirit will teach.
b. Who the Spirit will teach.
i. Teaching the first disciples.
• Through the "Prophetic Word".
• Through the "Living Word", John 1:1,14.
• Through the "Revealed Word", John 12:6, 2:18-22.
• Through the Written Word.
ii. Teaching disciples today.
• The centrality of the Written Word.
• The illuminating work of the Spirit.
III. Application
A. Establishing the principles of the text.
B. The Divine Methodology.
C. From error to heresy.
IV. Conclusion

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