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The Pathway To Peace

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Exploring the profound and enduring peace only Jesus can give.

Text: John 14:27
Date: 06/23/2019, the Traditional service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 139

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One of the most universally desired and pursued human conditions is "peace". We all want peace! But if this is true, why does "peace" persistently elude us-- both individually and as a society? Could it be we are looking for the wrong kind of peace and in all the wrong places? As Jesus continues His "Upper Room Discourse" in preparation for His departure, He tells His disciples what true peace is, where it can be found, and where it will never be found! We will carefully analyze what Jesus means by "peace" and how totally set apart it is from the counterfeit peace the world has to offer. Ultimately we will learn that Jesus alone can solve the problem that prevents "peace", and therefore is the one and only Pathway to Peace.

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, John 14:27.
A. Context, John 13:33.
B. The peace that surpasses understanding, John 14:18.
1. What Jesus means by "peace".
a. The Hebrew concept of "peace".
b. A Messianic "peace".
i. Peace as part of the Messianic Kingdom, Isa. 54:13, Ezek. 37:26, Hag. 2:9, Zech. 9:10.
ii. John's subliminal message.
iii. The only true peace, Rom. 5:1, Phil. 4:6-7.
c. Jesus' promise of peace.
i. The legacy of peace.
• A connected thought.
• Peace insured by "the blueprint".
• Peace that flows from the Word.
ii. The gift of peace.
• What the world yearns for...
• Jesus offers as a gift.
2. The world's mirage of "peace".
a. Glancing at the grammar.
b. How the world defines "peace".
i. The absence of trouble, travail or conflict.
ii. An ever-distant hope.
iii. A peace grounded in idolatry.
c. How the world tries to achieve peace.
d. A pitfall for the church, (Jer. 6:13-15).
3. Encouragement for the faithful.
a. The "peace-robbers".
i. Quieting the troubled heart.
ii. Finding courage, Rom. 8:31.
b. Peace that transcends circumstances.
• The situation of the disciples.
• Jesus' situation, John 13:21.
4. Promises with "punch", John 14:1-3,12-14,16-21,23,26, 21:25.
III. Application
A. The world cannot bring peace.
1. Peace through compromise.
a. Religious compromise.
b. Total compromise.
2. Peace through oppression and persecution.
B. Peace in the church, Jer. 6:8, 11.
C. Peace in the world.
D. Peace in you.
IV. Conclusion, John 16:33.

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