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Love That Transcends Obedience

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Loving Jesus with a sacrificial love so deep-- it is obedient by nature.

Text: John 14:28-31
Date: 07/14/2019, the Traditional service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 140

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Jesus once again emphasizes His imminent departure, but this time from a very different perspective. Despite His repeated encouragements concerning His departure, the disciples apparently remain sullen, upset at the impact it will have on them. Surprisingly, Jesus responds with a very personal reprimand that points out how superficial their love for Him really is. After establishing (in a far-reaching statement) His own impeccability and God's sovereignty over the devil, He proceeds to lead by example by emphasizing the sacrificial love for the Father that drives Him to the Cross. We have been studying obedient love throughout this chapter. But in this passage, Jesus takes us beyond obedient love to a truly sacrificial love that is obedient by nature and wholly trusting of God's Providence. In essence, Jesus holds a mirror up to us and asks the probing question: "Do you love me with a superficial love? Or a love that transcends even obedience?"

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I. Introduction, Matt. 22:37-38, John 15:13, 1Cor. 13:4-6.
II. Exposition of the text, John 14:28-31.
A. Context
B. Eyes on the Cross.
1. Leaving or staying? vs. 31b.
a. Leaving the Upper Room?
b. Staying in the Upper Room.
2. The acid test of true love, vs. 28.
a. Going and coming.
i. "You heard me say I am leaving", John 13:33, 14:2, 19.
ii. "But you heard me say I am coming back for you", John 14:3, 18-19.
b. Love that should rejoice.
i. A very personal "if".
ii. The answer to "if you love me".
iii. The reason for not rejoicing.
iv. A very human reaction.
v. A disturbing realization.
c. The relationship beween Father and Son.
i. The restoration of glory, John 17:5.
ii. What Jesus does NOT mean, John 14:9,11, 10:30.
3. Bolstering the disciples' faith, vs. 29, John 13:19.
a. Learning to love.
b. Learning to believe.
4. Victory over the devil, vs. 30.
a. Drawing near to the Cross.
b. The approach of evil.
i. The ruler of the world, John 8:44.
ii. God's sovereignty over evil, John 12:27-28.
iii. The power of Impeccability, 1Pet. 1:18-19, 1Cor. 5:21, Gen. 3:15.
5. Leading by example, vs. 31a, John 14:15,23, 1Pet. 1:20-21.
III. Application
A. A Scriptural disclaimer.
B. Love that transcends obedience.
C. The big picture.
IV. Conclusion

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