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Facing the Hatred of the World

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Understanding the nature of Kingdom-separation from the "world".

Text: John 15:17-20
Date: 09/01/2019, the Traditional service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 146

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Most of us do not want to be hated-- in fact we would prefer to be liked. And yet, Jesus assures His disciples (and through them us!) that if they are "abiding in Him", the world will hate them as it did Him. And what naturally follows hatred is oppression and persecution. As Christians, we are faced with the dilemma of what to do in the face of such hatred. Do we hide from it? Do we compromise our beliefs so not to offend anyone? Do we collude with the world we have been chosen out of? Or do we boldly accept it and set about the work of the Kingdom regardless? In our passage for this study, Jesus expresses the reality of this hatred, explains why it must exist, and subtly shows His disciples that it is ONLY by facing the hatred of the world that we will truly be effective witnesses for Him.

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, John 15:17-20.
A. Context
B. Facing the hatred of the world.
1. The crucial need for love within the body, vs. 1.
a. Noticing the repetition.
b. Love that will be needed, John 15:5,9, 13:35.
2. The hatred of the "world", vs. 18.
a. Defining the words.
i. The world's hatred for God.
ii. The world's hatred for Jesus, John 3:19-20.
iii. The world's hatred for the disciples.
iv. Words of comfort.
b. Returning hatred with love.
3. A logical analysis, vs. 19.
a. A hypothetical "if".
b. Distinguishing the "love" of the world, John 14:27.
c. Children of heaven.
d. Chosen and rescued, John 15:16.
i. A statement of separation.
ii. A mandate for Christian holiness, 1Pet. 1:13-16.
e. Hated by a rebellious world.
i. A special intensity of hatred.
ii. The cost of discipleship.
4. Like Master, like servant, vs. 20.
a. Remembering the concept, John 13:16.
b. The surety of persecution.
c. The importance of the distinction.
i. The surety of rejection, John 12:36-37, Acts 2:13, 17:32.
ii. The surety of success, John 12:42, Acts 2:41, 17:34.
III. Application
A. Getting "separation" right.
1. The physical corruption of separation, John 15:16.
2. The spiritual corruption of separation.
a. When separation fails.
i. Defining the concept of the "Carnal Christian".
• A Scriptural mis-exegesis, 1Cor. 3:1.
• Clarification of the error of the doctrine.
• Scripturally unsupportable.
• The denial of Lordship.
ii. The immense popularity of the error.
b. The devastating effect on the church, James 2:17.
c. Returning to the Gospel.
B. The Servant MUST be like his or her Master.
IV. Conclusion

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