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Sermon Title: Loving With Your Redeemed Self; 3/27/2022

"Jesus stuns His audience with four commands that are impossible to keep unless we love with our \"redeemed self\"."

Recorded on: Sunday, 03/27/2022 at 10:00 AM

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Delivered during the Sunday morning worship service, 03/27/2022. Some Theologians say that Jesus would never command us to do something that was impossible for us to do. Well, in this morning's text we will consider four commands that seem to contradict their opinion! As Jesus moves beyond the "weals and woes" that introduce His teaching of the Sermon on the Mount, He shocks His audience (both then and now!) with the command to love, not just their neighbors-- but their enemies. We will closely analyze each of these commands-- and in doing so, realize how utterly impossible it is, for the fallen sinner to keep them. In fact, we will make the argument that to keep these commands is only possible if the love being expressed is a love that originates with God, reveals the miracle of redemption that has occurred in our hearts, and thereby brings glory to God! Ultimately, we will realize that the command to love our enemies is indeed possible-- but only if we are loving with our "redeemed-self"!