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Sermon Title: Lord, I Need You!; Luke 6:29-31

"Learning from the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount just how much we need Jesus!"

Recorded on: Sunday, 04/03/2022 at 10:00 AM

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Delivered during the Sunday morning worship service, 04/03/2022. The sweetest words that any person can hear themselves say, when they truly come from the heart, are "Lord, I need you!". It is the realization of how much we need Jesus as our Lord and Savior that drives us to the Cross. In our text for this lesson, Jesus will continue to reveal the ethical standards of the Kingdom of God and how impossible they are to uphold on our own. When Jesus sums up the Law and the Prophets in what has been called the Golden Rule, we will see that the rule itself is a dividing line that separates good and evil, right and wrong, saved and unsaved, and as a result-- heaven and hell. Those honest with themselves will realize this is a rule that cannot possibly be kept by a fallen humanity, and therefore is universally condemning. So ultimately, it is my prayer that all who hear this message will also hear themselves saying these words... "Lord, I need you!"