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A Letter To Elect Exiles

by Rev. Kirby Williams

An introduction to the study of Peter's epistles.

Text: 1Pet. 1:1-2
Date: 03/03/2019, the Evening service.
Series: "Peter's Epistles: The Sojourners Handbook" Part 1

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When beginning a new study of a book of the Bible it is helpful to spend some time putting the book into perspective. For this reason we will discuss some of the broad characteristics of Peter's Epistles such as: authorship, the date and place it was written, the people it was written to, and some additional aspects of style and theme. We will spend almost no time refuting all the accusations by liberal scholars contesting these categories, but rather focus on what we know about these amazing letters written by one of Jesus' closest eyewitness disciples. We will then take an expository look at the first two verses in which Peter not only creates an "envelope" for distribution of the first letter, but expresses the very core of the reason for writing the letter in the first place-- the Trinitarian work of redemption. We will concentrate on two words he uses in his address: "elect" and "exiles", as being particularly helpful in identifying both his audience and his fundamental theme. In this way we will introduce our series as a letter to the elect exiles of all ages and locations.

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I. Introduction
II. Background
A. Authorship
1. Internal evidence, 1Pet. 5:1,13.
2. External evidence.
3. Conclusion
B. Date and location, 2Pet. 3:15-16.
C. Recipients
D. Silvanus and the letter's style, 1Pet. 5:12.
III. Exposition of the text, 1Pet. 1:1-2.
A. Peter's Envelope, vs. 1.
1. The author's name, John 1:42.
2. The author's title.
a. The Apostle, John 13:20, Matt. 28:19-20, Acts 1:8.
b. What is missing.
3. The recipients.
a. The elect.
b. The exiles, Phil 2:15, Heb. 11:13, 1Pet. 2:9, Phil. 3:20.
B. The glory of God's Trinitarian plan of redemption, vs. 2.
1. The profound saving work of the Trinity.
a. God the Father calls, John 6:44, Rom. 8:29.
b. God the Spirit sanctifies.
i. The work of the Spirit in salvation, 2Thess 2:13.
ii. The work of the Spirit in sanctification.
c. God the Son redeems.
i. The centrality of redemption.
ii. The blood of the Lamb, 1John 1:7, Matt. 26:28.
• As ratification of the covenant, Heb. 9:18-22.
• As an atonement for sin.
2. The greetings, 1Cor. 1:3, Eph. 2:5.
IV. Conclusion

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