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Bearing The Fruit of Souls

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Jesus interlaces love, friendship and the evangelistic mission of the Kingdom.

Text: John 15:12-16
Date: 08/18/2019, the Traditional service.
Series: "John: Encountering Love" Part 145

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Having finished His epic allegory of the Vine and the branches, Jesus continues to instruct His disciples in the Upper Room discourse. His discussion turns to love, friendship and the mission of the Kingdom. The well-known themes of mutual love within the body and obedience to His commands are repeated and expanded. But at the same time, several new ideas are introduced, as Jesus defines what it means to be His friend, and bear evangelistic fruit for the Kingdom. As we explore these new ideas, we will notice once again John's strong predestinarian bent and his emphasis on the preeminence of Christ. But ultimately we will realize that to be Jesus' friend and truly "love one another", includes the selfless search and rescue of those who are still lost in darkness, and thereby find and bear the fruit of souls.

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, John 15:12-16.
A. Context
B. The road to friendship.
1. The sum of all commands, vs. 12.
a. An extraordinary love, John 13:34.
b. A systemic love.
i. A love bound together in Jesus, John 15:4.
ii. Avoiding the "social gospel".
c. A progression of love, John 15:9.
d. An evangelistic love.
2. The greatest love, vs. 13.
a. Two levels of application.
i. What it means for Jesus.
ii. What it means for the disciples.
iii. Discerning the difference.
b. The importance of motive, John 15:8.
c. Putting down objections, Matt. 5:44-47.
3. The foundation of love and friendship, vs. 14.
a. Another concept grounded in obedience, John 15:10.
b. The Scriptural definition of a "friend of God".
i. A different kind of friendship.
ii. A non-reciprocal friendship, James 2:23, Ex. 33:11, John 11:11.
iii. A friendship grounded in obedience.
4. The intimacy of revelation, vs. 15.
a. More than servants, Matt. 18:4, 20:26, John 13:14-15.
b. An informed obedience.
i. Why a servant obeys.
ii. Why a friend obeys, 1Sam. 13:14.
iii. Focus on revelation.
c. Christological clarifications, John 1:1,14.
5. Bearing Kingdom fruit, vs. 16.
a. A sovereign "choosing", Eph. 1:4, John 15:5.
b. The appointment.
i. Appointed to what?
ii. Exploring the nuances, John 15:3, 10:17.
c. Bearing the "fruit of souls".
i. The command to "go", Matt. 28:19, John 20:21.
ii. Fruit that "abides".
iii. A call to evangelism.
d. Effectiveness in prayer.
6. Expanding the scope of "one another", vs. 17.
III. Application
IV. Conclusion

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