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Making Peace with Reprobation

by Rev. Kirby Williams

Wrestling with one of Scripture's most difficult doctrines.

Text: 1Pet. 2:6-8
Date: 08/18/2019, the Evening service.
Series: "Peter's Epistles: The Sojourners Handbook" Part 10

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Perhaps one of the most difficult (and unpopular!) doctrines of the Christian faith is the doctrine of reprobation. Even Reformed preachers tend to avoid or underplay it, and non-Reformed preachers often demonize it, as well as those who profess it. But not only is the doctrine of reprobation Scriptural, it is an essential part of the doctrine of election. It is also grossly misunderstood, mis-interpreted, mis-represented, and mis-applied in the way it is popularly understood. In our text for this evening, Peter places belief in Jesus at the very epicenter of salvation, using several Old Testament quotations to emphasize that the Living Stone is also the rock of offense for those who reject Him. In expressing the sovereignty of God and the preeminence of Christ, he brushes up against the doctrine of reprobation. So we will boldly go where others fear to tread as we seek to make peace with Reprobation.

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I. Introduction, John 3:36, 18.
II. Exposition of the text, 1Pet. 2:6-8.
A. Context
B. The Preeminent Cornerstone.
1. Revisiting the "Living Stone" of Zion, vs. 6.
a. A high regard for the Old Testament Scriptures.
b. The precious Cornerstone.
i. A spiritual awakening.
ii. Grounded in the "Living Stone", John 3:16b.
2. Honor and shame, vs. 7-8a.
a. The deciding factor: belief in Jesus, vs. 7a.
i. The honor for believers.
ii. Shame for unbelievers.
b. The testimony of the prophets, vs. 7b-8a.
i. The rejected Cornerstone, vs. 7b, Psalm 118:22.
• Ancient construction methods.
• A Messianic Psalm.
• The firm foundation, Eph. 2:19-21.
• A fatal error.
ii. The other side of the "Living Stone", vs. 8a, Isa. 8:14.
• The stone of stumbling, John 14:6.
• The rock of offense, John 3:18.
3. The price of unbelief, vs. 8b.
a. The reason for stumbling.
i. Defining the words.
• Defining "stumble".
• Defining "disobey".
ii. Disobedience that leads to stumbling.
b. The root of stumbling.
i. "Appointed" to disobey, John 15:16.
ii. Sovereignly "set aside" by God, Eph. 1:4.
iii. A glimmer of hope.
III. Application
A. Struggling with reprobation.
1. What the Reformed doctrine of reprobation IS NOT.
2. What the Reformed doctrine of reprobation actually says.
B. Making peace with reprobation.
1. Accepting the reality of reprobation, Rom. 9:13-15.
2. Trusting that God is not the Author of sin, Ezek. 33:11, 8:28, 9:17,23.
3. God's postive election is glorious, Rom. 9:2,3, 1Pet. 3,4.
4. God is not to blame for reprobation, Job 1:22, Rom. 1:20, John 3:18-19, 12:48.
5. Trusting in God's sovereign will, Rom. 9:19-20.
IV. Conclusion

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