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Missionaries of Peace

by Rev. Kirby Williams

What happens when a missionary of peace tells a son or daughter of peace about the Prince of Peace!

Text: Luke 10:4-9
Date: 05/14/2023, the Combined service.
Series: "Luke: Thy Kingdom Come" Part 104
Occasion: Mother's Day

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After establishing the difficulties and dangers the laborers who engage in the evangelistic work of the Kingdom will face, Jesus continues to prepare the seventy-two disciples for their exemplary and formative journey. He instructs them to "travel light" as they face the humanly impossible task of harvesting the souls of the elect in a field full of ravenous and demonic wolves. But it is precisely this total dependence on the power and provision of God that will insure the success of their mission of peace. We will define what Jesus means by "peace' and how His instructions to form personal relationships with those who receive them form the very backbone of His Kingdom strategy to conquer the world with the Gospel. The formula is deceptively simple and the task of every Christian. The Kingdom will be built when the missionaries of peace tell the sons and daughters of peace about the Prince of Peace!

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I. Introduction
II. Exposition of the text, Luke 10:4-9.
A. Context, Luke 10:2-3.
B. Finding the children of peace.
1. Go trusting in God's provision, vs. 4.
a. Traveling light.
i. No Moneybag.
ii. No Knapsack.
iii. No sandals.
b. Traveling with urgency.
2. Messengers of peace, vs. 5.
a. Mid-eastern hospitality.
i. The privilege of hospitality, Luke 2:7, Josh 2:1.
ii. The significance of the home.
b. The message of shalom.
i. The nature of "peace".
ii. The servants of peace, Isa. 52:7, Matt. 5:3-5,9.
3. The children of peace, vs. 6.
a. Defining the "son of peace", Matt. 5:6, Luke 2:25, 10:2, John 4:35.
b. Receiving the Gospel with joy.
c. The rejection of the Gospel.
4. Remain in the same house, vs. 7.
a. Finding what is truly important.
b. The laborer is worth his hire.
i. Defining "laborer", Luke 10:2.
ii. The balance of wages, 1Cor. 9:9-14.
c. The prohibition of "house-hopping".
i. Do not offend your host.
ii. Be satisfied with God's provision.
iii. A model for ministry.
1) For congregants.
2) For ministers.
3) For missionaries.
5. Broadening the concept to towns and cities, vs. 8.
a. The town that receives "peace", John 4:39-40.
b. Stay true to the mission.
i. Do not offend your host.
ii. Dealing with Jewish dietary laws, Mark 7:15,19.
6. Labor in the fields of peace, vs. 9.
a. Authenticate the message.
b. Proclaim the Gospel, Luke 4:18-19,21, 11:20; Matt. 4:17; Isa. 53:5.
III. Application
A. A simple formula.
B. "Thinking small".
IV. Conclusion

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