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Our Philosophy

Many churches have programs and strategies designed to increase the membership of their congregations.  Success seems to be measured in numbers.  But we are not so sure that numbers alone are an accurate or even biblical goal for church development.  At New Hope Community church, we have a slightly different philosophy of how to grow our church.

We believe that Jesus has called us to minister to everyone He decides to bring through our front door.  That is it!  That is our comprehensive philosophy of church growth.  Therefore, we have no projects or programs or strategies designed to increase the membership of our church. We are concerned mainly in ministering to those He has brought us.  In other words, this is His church and He will decide who He wants here.  It is our job to build the ones He does bring into "pillars in the Temple of our God".

This, of course, is not to say we do not put a high premium on evangelism and missions. As mentioned in our Mission Statement, we are very active in both and are dedicated to sharing the Gospel in our community as well as the world.  But the object of those programs is salvation--not an increased membership.  The way we figure it, if we are diligent in ministering to the ones we have, and we become adept at making disciples, and if we mentor and teach and love the ones the Lord sends us-- He will perhaps decide to send more.